What not to wear was a reality show a few years back where friends recommended other friends to have a makeover. It was a surprise, but the circumstances were because they hated the way their friend dressed. Most of the time it was not well accepted in the beginning, but then after the makeover, most of the contestants felt happy with their new look.

Each person was then given money and sent on their way to pick out clothes that closely aligned with the clothes they were wearing after the makeover, with a small caveat; their old clothes were thrown away.

I loved this show, but maybe not for the reasons most liked it. To be honest, I had a fear that one of my friends might recommend me. To me, the best part of the show was when the newly made-over woman was given the opportunity to spend someone else’s money on clothes that made her look good, and yet she would still be drawn back to her old style of clothes.

It was always such a telling sign about people. They could see the outward changes and yet making challenging choices to ensure that those changes would reflect her new persona seemed difficult. Most were drawn back to their old style of clothing.

Making wardrobe changes is difficult. I can only imagine after clothing Adam and Eve before they left garden how God became frustrated with the fact that they did not continue wearing the clothing of grace. (As talked about in the previous blog.)

I absolutely wanted to knock some of those women over the head when they started grabbing leggings and baggy sweatshirts.

You just looked at yourself, a new creature of sorts and then you fall back into habits that make you look frumpy and sometimes 20 pounds heavier. Of course, that is when the hosts would swoop into the store and pounce on her and stops her from purchasing something that was not on the list of admirable clothes.

Even though the contestants were able to pick out new clothes some had to be tailored to fit for the “final” portion of the show. Nothing is as it seems. But the truth behind this show is that most of the women realized that what they were wearing was just not appropriate. It just took a 360 mirror to be able to see it from all angles.

As in my previous blog, we discussed that God never intended for us to go out into the world naked. He intended for us to be dressed for success. Not the worldly success, but that of godly success. And girl, that outfit looks a lot different.

There have been so many times I have looked in the mirror at the end of the day and did not like the clothes I had been wearing all day. Some days it consist of fits of rage, bitterness, hypocrisy, and yes maybe a little slander at times. None of these outfits was intentional, they were just comfortable.

It is so much easier to be the victim of the world and react like the world wants us to react than it is to be clothed in Christ.

From the moment of baptism, Paul tells us that we have a whole new wardrobe. Galatians 3:26-27 shows us that the new outfit will look so much better than the yucky clothes you were wearing before.

You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For all of you that were baptized into Christ have clothed yourself with Christ.

Galatians 3:26-27

We have a new outfit the minute we come out of the water. But just like those women on the reality show, Satan convinces us that his clothes are better. Deceit, hypocrisy, envy, malice, slander. ( 1 Peter 2:1 ) Those are all things that the New Testament Church was putting back on and it was destroying their relationship and the ability for others to see Christ.

It is time to empty our closet. The list of things that we should be rid of is many. Paul lists them throughout his letters, from sexual sin to that of anger. Sometimes we don’t wear all of the clothes we have in our closet, we just keep grabbing for those things that we are comfortable wearing, even if we don’t look good.

Take some inventory today.

What are you dressing yourself up in that does not look like Christ? Envy? Deceitfulness? Slander? Malicious behavior? How about a bunch of hypocrisy.

If you have not been buried with Christ this is a great way to empty your closet of all the things that are just killing your relationships. Contact us and we would love to find someone in your area that will talk to you about being clothed in Christ. They are waiting to make you a dress tailor-made to fit you for a heavenly dwelling.

If you have been baptized maybe it is time to stand in front of that 360 degree mirror and re-evaluate what you have been wearing all these years. God tells Joshua in Zechariah 3:1-5 to “take off those filthy garments” I will take away your sins from you and put you in rich garments.

There is a new dress that is waiting for you. You just have to be willing to get rid of the old filthy clothes.

Because he first loved me.