Dysfunctional Families of the Bible Podcast


We all think that God’s people must have perfect lives and perfect marriages.  Far from the truth my friend.  The Bible is filled with dysfunctional families.  So many that it was hard to pick which families full of unfunctional messes to even discuss.  

Can God use Dysfunctional Families?

Yes! God uses imperfect people and imperfect marriages to further his kingdom. 

 Imperfect families received the promise of God.  A covenant between Abraham and generations to come.  But Abraham and his sons and his sons, even his grandsons were far from perfect.  Even the wives were dysfunctional, yes it is true. 

We all are dysfunctional to some degree, but the truth is families have been troubled since we the garden.  God can take a dysfunctional family and still use them to glorify his kingdom

Please join as we look at the generation curses of a bloodline that God uses to fulfill his promises.

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