The Crazy Ladies of the Bible Podcast Crazy Lady Eve make our top 10 most downloaded podcasts.   We debated and processed if Eve would even make the series.   Eve is the first in the Bible to have us wonder, “really Eve?” you had it so good.  Why would we consider this woman to be crazy?

What did Eve do?

The Book of Genesis introduces us to the first woman that is in the Garden.  A Beautiful garden where her fingers don’t get dirty and the produce grows on its own.  So what does Eve do that would deem her crazy and get her at the top of the list of crazy ladies of the Bible.  

She listens to the lies of the deceiver.  The liar takes the truth of God’s word and twists it into a web of deception.   Eve takes the bait, questions if God is really hiding something from her and her hubby, and eats the forbidden fruit. 

What can we learn from Eve in the Bible?

There is so much to be learned from Eve.  Her crazy lady status is something we can all look at and say, “yeah, Eve I have been there.” 

Belinda and Amy take a crank up the coffee and discuss the why’s behind the decision to do what Eve did for all of humanity.  It becomes obvious from our conversation that we still make those crazy stupid choices where we choose to listen to the deceiver and not to God.  



Genesis 3

Removing cultural blinders helps us to see everything that the scriptures speak to us.

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