The Parable of the Persistent Widow spoken by Christ is a great  Parable told to those that followed Christ.  The woman that never gives up and continues to bring her injustice to an unjust judge gives us hope that even in our worst moments of injustice we can prevail.

What is a Parable?

A parable is a carefully told story that communicates a familiar idea or a principle of life.  “Para” combines two Greek words – para, which means alongside,” with “bole” to throw.  So Christ told stories to blend an unfamiliar idea alongside a familiar one.  The Parable of the Persistent Widow speaks to the injustice that can befall all of those that come before someone that does not have mercy on those that are wronged. 

Who was the Unjust Judge?

The unjust Judge was someone that did not respect God nor respect the plight of the woman in the parable.  Amy and I take very different views of the parable as we sit down and discuss the scriptures that give us hope even though we might face an unjust judge here on earth.

In our podcast, Amy and I explore the hope that we have in bringing our plight before God continually.  We speak openly and honestly about how prayer can change our circumstances if we stay constantly on our knees.  

In Summary

In Summary Amy and I have discovered that you can be forever changed by the parables that Christ spoke to the disciples and to those that chose to follow Christ.  Christ gives us great insight as to the power of becoming persistent on our knees for life-changing results.

You can find the parable in the link below.  Don’t forget to listen to the first parable in this series The Lost Coin.  

Luke 18:1-8

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Thanks again for sitting at our table as we discuss the Parable of the Persistent Widow.