The Crazy Ladies of the Bible Podcast Jael and the Wise Woman was one of our most downloaded podcasts.   But what do you do with these two women that literally only have a couple of lines in the Bible?

Who is Jael in the Bible?

 If you ever wanted to meet a woman that had one job and did it well, that would be Jael.  You can find her short story in Judges 4:17-24.  What we see as crazy may be a little twisted by the completed story of Deborah and Jael’s determination to take care of business.  

Amy and Belinda find humor and truth that lies in the balance between cultural differences then and now.   While this woman is probably Amy’s favorite, the wise woman mention in 2 Samuel 20   is Belinda’s, all-time crazy lady.

Who is the wise woman spoken about in the Bible? 

While most would go straight to Proverbs 31.  That woman is not the one that is Belinda’s favorite.  The wise woman found in Samuel is wise for many reasons in Belinda’s opinion.  What does she do to save her town?   

Belinda loves talking about the woman that stood in the gap of those that stood in fear.  This Podcast Jael and the Wise Woman is just the beginning of Crazy Ladies that we think might be crazy from our Western Culture.  However, after talking it through it just might be that woman and their roles throughout the history of the Old Testament are not that crazy.

Summary of the Podcast:

Removing cultural blinders helps us to see everything that the scriptures speak to us.

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