Are you listening?  Belinda’s unplugged podcast is going Hebrew from the barn with her word of the year.  Shema.   Only Belinda would do her podcasts in a Barn and then choose a Hebrew word to focus on for 2022. What is Shema mean and how did she even come up with that word?

What is the Shema prayer? 

For 1000’s years’ Jewish people have been praying Deuteronomy 6:4-5 as a devotion to God.   The first word of the Shema is hear or listen.  The Hebrew word for hearing or listen is Shema.  That is where the Jewish prayer gets its name.  Check out a video in the show notes from The Bible Project.  

Why did Belinda choose the word Shema for 2022?

Belinda chose the word Shema because, in the Hebrew Language, Shema means more than just listening.  Belinda goes unplugged about how 2022 needs to be more than just listening?   

We expect our children to listen and then to respond.  Belinda wants to not just listen but respond this year. 

How do we listen and respond to the word of God for 2022?

We can Shema Shema to God’s word by planning on reflecting each day on God’s Word with these Questions?

What Do I feel ?

In reference to the Context of my Reading.

What Do I Know? 

In reference to the context of my Reading

What do I think?

In reference to the context of my Reading.

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Belinda talks about John Maxwell and his Leadership Podcast and how that has shaped her reflections for 2021.  You can find that Podcast in the Show notes below!

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