We at the Bible and Coffee have had the pleasure of reading a book that has transformed our reading of the Biblical Text.   Removing cultural blinders of our western culture has opened up a new world for us here at the Bible and Coffee. 

 This has created growth for both Amy and me as we seek to sit down with you each week in the word of God. 

Why is Historical Context so Important?

Historical context is important as we read the Bible.   It will enrich our understanding of the scripture and create a deeper understanding of God’s word.

We at the Bible and Coffee have discovered a book that has brought to light how our western eyes can at times color the cultural difference between us and the world of those in the Bible. 

After both reading the book Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes by E. Randolph Richards and Brandon J. O’Brien we had to stop what we were doing and discuss this book together.

Amy and I  had to share this with our listeners as well. 

We cannot unsee what we have seen

We have certainly realized our cultural bias within our old podcasts. 

Why should I remove my cultural blinders as I read the Bible? better understand the empowerment that Christ gave those that sought after him.    From Government Oppression to understanding how that culture saw “modesty”  can enrich our walk with the Lord.

Amy and I discuss how we may need to rediscuss our previous podcasts.   From the Ladies of Shame Podcast Series to the Crazy Ladies of the Bible Podcast Series, this book has thrown everything up in the air. 

Removing our cultural blinders is extremely important as we read the Bible.   It helps us to

Have we not given those ladies, like Tamar, or Jael, or others a fair shake? 

Do we deserve a harsh rebuke?   

Come join us as we walk through this book Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes, removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible.  You can find this book on Amazon or Christianbooks.com.


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