The Removing Cultural Blinders-The Bible in Color brings us to smack into the cultural bias of race and ethnicity.  Does the Bible read in terms of a human race vs ethnic division? 

We have a heartfelt discussion on the deeply divided cultural blinders that we put on as we read the Bible. 

In the book Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes, we at the Bible and Coffee Podcast have had to view certain stories from a whole different perspective. 


What does the Bible say about racism?

In this podcast, we discuss the way the Bible authors use descriptive words to determine the location of people, as well as their value.  While I ( Belinda ) would like to say that I am not racist, I have had to confront the internal mindset of using the terms “wrong side of the tracks ”  to devalue people.  

Talking deeply about the stories of Ruth and Samson to Christ himself can turn our attention to our own value system.

“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?”

Nathanael asked. “Come and see,” said Philip. John 1:46 (NIV)


How does Paul’s citizenship as a Roman citizen play into the scripture in Philippians 3:20?  We find it difficult at times to read that even those that walked with Christ struggled with a cultural bias that at times devalued all that are made in the image of God. 

Do not think for a minute that this podcast of Removing Cultural Blinders- The Bible in Color was an easy podcast.  It was convicting and moving as we discover our own cultural bias towards God’s people. 

Show Summary

We are listing a few links in the Show Notes to enhance your knowledge of cultural issues within the context of Bible Times.  We hope that you purchase the book to enhance your own study through the Bible as well. 


  1. The Cush People
  2. Map of Cush
  3. The Moabites
  4. The Story of Ruth 
  5. Types of Jewish People in the Bible


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