In the Removing Cultural Blinders- it’s not all about Me podcast we discuss the author’s idea that when we change reading the scripture from me to the church we will change our ideas and concepts in scripture.

In the book Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes, we at the Bible and Coffee Podcast have had to view certain stories from a whole different perspective.  The final chapter on It’s not about me – Finding the Center of God’s Will, has made us at the podcast rethink how we apply scripture.

While in the previous podcast, Removing Cultural Blinders- Vices and Virtues we walked through the idea that we are majoring in the minors.  In this Podcast Removing Cultural Blinders- It’s not about me we are taking the “us” out of the equation to read the scriptures through a whole different context.

How Do We Know the Will of God?

As we walk through this final chapter we have a hard conversation about how we need to take the Self out of the Scripture.  That seems to be hard for anyone, as we have created such a “self” type of mentality in the context of scripture.

As a Western Culture, we use scriptures like Jeremiah 29:11 as a catalyst to push forward our next generation through college.  When in fact, the author argues that the context behind that scripture is different. It is that God has plans to prosper his Church.  Not us as individuals but as a group.  

The Lord’s Church.

In our podcast, we talk about the author’s idea that when we take the “we” out of our Bible reading. When we start to remove the cultural blinders off we will start to find the center of God’s will.

Join us as we look at the final Chapter of Removing Cultural Blinders- It’s not all about me Podcast.

Summary of the Podcast:

Reformation Movement

Removing cultural blinders helps us to see everything that the scriptures speak to us.

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