In the Removing Cultural Blinders-  Honor and Shame Podcast we discuss the ideology of looking at the Bible through the lens of an honor and Shame Culture.

In the book Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes, we at the Bible and Coffee Podcast have had to view certain stories from a whole different perspective.  The chapter on honor and shame no doubt has shifted our perspective

 While the western culture does not live in an honor and shame culture those that walked the earth during Biblical times did.  This makes it very difficult to process some of the behavior patterns of those within the text of scripture. 

Honor and Shame and the story of King David

Amy and I have a discussion on how this chapter has shaped our view on the story of King David.   This book may have switched our script from our  Podcast #132 Dysfunctional Families of the Bible -King David and Bathsheba.

Was Bathsheba really her name?  King Davids’s repentance?  Did that come from a place of honor and shame or internal conviction? 

All these questions Amy and I try to internalize and talk about as we walked through this chapter on Removing Cultural Blinders – Honor and Shame.

What does an Honor and Shame Culture Look Like?

It can be so difficult to understand a culture that really does not exist for us within our own culture. Putting all of this together for us can be hard to grasp.  We have linked a great source from The Bible Project here.  Take a moment to listen to this podcast to help you better understand this type of culture.

The Bible Project- Honor and Shame Culture.

This podcast just reiterates what the book was already telling us.  We see things so differently from the environment and culture that we live in.   

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Come join us at our table as we discuss Removing Cultural Blinders- Honor and Shame.