Our newest podcast is dedicated to Removing Cultural Blinders – A look at the Hispanic Culture.  

We at the Bible and Coffee have had the pleasure of reading a book that has transformed our reading of the Biblical Text.   Removing cultural blinders of our western eyes has opened up a new world for us here at the Bible and Coffee.  This has created growth for both Amy and me as we seek to sit down with you each week in the word of God.

It is our desire to not only seek out the word but to go even deeper in our search for Biblical Truth.  We could not go any further without seeking those that actually are of another culture.

I knew exactly who I wanted to go deeper with as we dive into deeper waters. 

Eliseo Hinojos is the minister of the North Texas Church of Christ

I consider him a great friend.   He is a missionary within the western culture. 

Eli ( as I call him) and I look at scriptures that we once thought we understood.  We now have to reevaluate what the Lord is telling us.

What Does the Bible Say about collectivism VS individualism?

The Hispanic culture is a collective community.   Eli takes us deep into what that culture sees as important vs. what we as westerners see as important.

Eli also describes the culture shock of what the “church” looks like within the United States Vs within the borders of Mexico. 

From Catholicism to the Holy Spirit we touch on just about everything that is cultural in our “Biblical World”.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Eli Hinojosa.

You can catch the first portion of these podcasts here:

Removing Cultural Blinders

Come join us as we walk through this book Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes, removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible.  You can find this book on Amazon or Christianbooks.com.

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