In the Removing Cultural Blinders-  the Captain of my Soul podcast we discuss the ideology of looking at the Bible through the lens of an individualist viewpoint.

In the book Misreading Scripture Through Western Eyes, we at the Bible and Coffee Podcast have had to view certain stories from a whole different perspective. 

The western viewpoint vs the collective point has but altered our sense of reality within the pages of the Bible. 

The Western Viewpoint Vs the Collective Viewpoint

At our table, we discuss the paramount difference in looking at the scripture from our 21’st century viewpoint Vs the collective viewpoint of those that actually received the message firsthand. 

We discuss the issues that arise from applying everything from the viewpoint of the individual.   In other words, how does that apply to me? 

 This book takes us deep under the iceberg and allows us to see the faulty vision that we apply to scripture today. 

While our application is not incorrect, we have to understand the actual context of the scriptures so that we can better understand what the writers are saying.   This can really shake up the apple cart when we don’t grasp the whole culture of collectivism.   

You can get some insight into this culture by listening to our last podcast #145 Removing Cultural blinders- a Look at the Hispanic Culture.    Eliseo Hinojosa gives us just a little insight into what collectivism looks like in the Hispanic Culture and what we are truly missing.  

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Show Notes from Removing Cultural Blinders:

We made reference to a few Scriptures and we have listed them below:

Ephesians 4:28

Galatians 6:2

John 15:12

Hebrews 13:16

Hebrews 6:10

Luke 6:38

Matthew 5:42

Grab your coffee and come with us as we dive deep under the iceberg and look at our western eyes.