The Bible Story of Isaac and Rebekah 

What a great story we find in the Bible about Isaac and Rebekah.  You can find the story of Isaac and Rebekah in Genesis 21- 25.   Our Podcasts  #128 Dysfunctional Families of the Bible continues on with the son of Abraham moving out and moving on to better pastures and a hand-picked wife for Isaac.  Who better to pick your wife, than your father’s servant.   The Bible Story of Isaac and Rebekah, take on a new slant as we look at the way God weaves in the romance while watering camels.   Rebekah will do a lot to catch a man.  But does that continue after marriage?  We will never know.  

But what we do know is that Rebekah is finally blessed with twins Jacob and Esau. Life should be blissful.  But the reality is it was not really happy ever after. 

Jacob and Esau in the Bible

The saga continues with this family in Genesis 25-27.  Jacob and Esau are fighting it out before they were even born.  While mommy is overworking the birthright thing with her favorite son, Jacob.   Esau is out hunting wild game. 

This family just continues the ongoing saga of Dysfunctional families in the Bible.   Feel free to catch up on our previous podcasts from the series Dysfunctional families of the Bible. 

You can also find a quick summary of the Book of Genesis here from the Bible Project- Genesis.  Do not forget to get your copy of Father Abrahams’s family tree.    The family is growing just as God promised Abraham.  So it can start to get a little confusing. 


As we start to break down the family tree of Abraham and Sarah, we can rest on the truth that God does not expect perfection but a heart that is constantly striving to serve God.  God is bigger than any of our dysfunction!  

The story of Isaac, Rebekah, and Jacob, and Esau makes us realize that our everyday issues today, were the same issues of the past.  We can rest in the assurance that only God can bring function to a dysfunctional world.