The Story of Leah, Rachel, and Jacob in the Bible, Dysfunctional at best

As Amy and I talk about the latest family drama down, we realize that nothing changes.  What we don’t learn from history we end up repeating and so goes our family of dysfunction.  The Story of Leah, Rachel, and Jacob is more of the same, but with a twist.  The sisters who soon become sister wives pit each other’s jealousy against each other with Jacob the only winner in this contest.

Our podcast has turned from a Dysfunctional family to a  Dysfunctional Dynasty and we find it all the same issues here with Jacob.  The grandson of Father Abraham  Jacob becomes the middle man (literally )  for Leah and Rebeckah.

Sisters, and now rivals, they pit themselves and their maidservants against each other, in hopes of being the best in the eyes of Jacob. It is an ongoing attempt to become a dynasty, but yet God’s hand is in all of it, from the start.

Leah and Rachel’s jealousy create drama

There is nothing more ugly than the craziness of trying to compete against one another for the favor of your man.  These girls were truly sister wives and yet could not get along for the sake of the family.

Come sit at our table as we discuss the craziness of these guys and how God still works through Jacob to bring about the messiah.


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Thank you for sitting with us at our table as we discuss the dysfunction between Leah and Rachel and hubs, Jacob.