The one thing that I often struggled with in my young Christian walk was the question, “Does God love me and how can I prove that he does love me?  Living in a legalistic world for most of my life that question was always followed by a long list of “why GOD should not love me”.   Satan is a liar and if he can establish just a little bit of doubt then he has accomplished his goal, which is to destroy your relationship with God. 

If you have ever doubted before, that is ok.    Let’s be a little transparent here,  we all have had our moments with we questioned if God still loves us.  The good news is that God’s love is different! ( amen to that ) So how do we define God’s love?


How does God define love?


There are 4 types of love as described in the Greek language. 

  • Stoge, which means affection.
  • Philia, which means friendship
  • Eros, which is a sexual type of love.
  • Agape, which is love in the Christian sense of godly love. 

God’s love would be easily defined as agape love, only deeper because he is the source of love.  The one that loves you created that love from the very beginning. 

What does Agape mean? 

Agape could be defined as a charity. Not charity in the sense of giving away money or things as we would describe charity today, but rather  Agape love is concerned with the greatest good of someone else. Agape type of love is not born out of emotions or feelings.  Agape requires commitment, sacrifice, and above all faithfulness, with no expectation of that love in return. 

This is the type of love the Bible speaks about the most. The New Testament references agape over 200 times.  God shows us this love from Genesis 1 to the book of Revelation.  The Bible continually gives us scriptures that demonstrate his faithfulness and sacrificial love for you and me.  

What are some examples of agape scriptures in the Bible?

There are some beautiful examples in scripture that God actually tells us how much he is committed to us and how is his love is boundless.  What our brain tells us about love is something that we cannot fathom as human beings on earth.  Our love is flesh driven, God’s love is driven by sacrifice.  


“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.

John 3:16 NAS

We did not have to be perfect or even close to perfect for God to love us, in fact, it was because of our failure that he showed his boundless love towards us. 

Paul was the worst of the worst as far as sinners go and in his letters to the Romans, he writes that even as the sinner’s God loves us and he demonstrates that love through Christ’s death. 

Even if we only had these two scriptures to go on we would be able to rest in the knowledge that God’s love, the agape love, is all we need but there are so many more. You can link to this free printable scripture PDF as a reminder of  God’s love.   The question then might be if he loves me does that mean he loves everyone? 


Does God love everyone?

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Yes, Yes, and a resounding Yes! God does love you and me and the guy down the street.  That is the power of that agape love.  He is committed and faithful to us even when we fail him.  The power of agape love is that no matter what you do God wants you back. 

 The Bible tells us that God is love.  The creator of all things does not have a heart that rejects us if we obey his commandments.   When Christ was pressed by the rulers for the greatest commandment to obey.  Jesus answered to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.


And He said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 

Matthew 22:37 NASB


Do you remember the moment you fell in love with your one true love? You would do anything to continue to be in his life. Loving God with everything means that obedience is part of who you become. 

God was the creator of love itself.   We can stand on the promises that he is not fleeting or quick to leave when we fail him. He loved you first.  His desire for you is to be with him forever.  He was willing to sacrifice all his holiness through his son on the cross. He bore it all so that we could live with him in paradise. 

Satan is a liar and he wants you to doubt that the God that created you and knitted you together could never love you continually, faithfully, and with a compassionate heart.  

How can I show agape love for others?

We cannot show agape love to others until we accept that we are loved by God. You have to accept that God does love you and stand on the promise that he will never forsake you or leave you. ( Hebrews 13:5) 

 Even when we put God first we can fall prey to our selfishness and fail to love each other deeply as Peter asks us to do for each other in 1 Peter 4:8.  Love covers a multitude of sins and Christ’s blood covers ours.   

It is not easy to grasp the grace that God gives us with his boundless love but once we do we can sleep at night knowing we are truly loved.



Because he loved me first