Happy New Year!  As we start out the year 2022 I thought that we could just listen to the words of Isaiah 40.  How powerful it is to ponder on the words of the prophet as he reminds the people of who God is to them.  

Who is Isaiah the Prophet?

Isaiah was the son of Amoz.  Isaiah lived during the reigns of four kings. The first, Uzziah, reigned from around 783 BC to 742 BC. The last king, Hezekiah, reigned from 715 BC to 686 BC.

Scholars estimate that he could’ve been a prophet for about 60 years. The Book of Isaiah appears to end after the Babylonian exile, which took place in the sixth century, more than 100 years after Isaiah died.  Therefore surmising that the book of Isaiah may have had editors according to some scholars.

 What is the Book of Isaiah about?

Isaiah begins his ministry at the time that  Israel’s northern kingdom was on the brink of collapse. Isaiah’s ministry after the fall focuses on trying to get the Judeans to trust in God in the face of the terrible threat of Assyria.

But the Judeans wanted to trust Egypt, not God. In the last critical moment, after everything else failed, King Hezekiah prayed to God, and he staked his life and his kingdom on God keeping His word.  He was not disappointed.

Isaiah ministered to God’s people during those critical years.  

 Why is Isaiah 40 so special?

Belinda reads Isaiah 40 to you to become a reminder for the New Year of who God Is… 

Show Notes:

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Isaiah 40 

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