The Bible and Coffee Podcast Bible Studies are designed for anyone new to studying the Bible.

Whether you have been a Christian for years or you are just beginning your journey, we have designed Bible Studies in a free downloadable format so that you can dive into scripture without the intimidation!  We all need basic lessons with simple questions that relate to our day and time that are easy to understand.

Our  “Girls Got Game” podcast series includes short and easy Bible studies that are designed especially for anyone. So, if you are new to the Bible, use The Bible and Coffee Podcast Bible Studies along with our podcasts, with confidence that you can understand scripture. They include;

  • Easy lessons
  • Basic teaching for beginners to remain confident in their study.
  • Relatable questions to the times that we are living in today.
  • Podcasts designed to listen too before or after your Bible Study


How can I lead a group Bible Study with these lessons?

Even if you are a beginner, it is always easier to study with a friend, or in a small group Bible study.  Our lessons are designed to help you ask questions to yourself and to each other without the fear of not knowing Bible scriptures by heart.  We have put together an easy format that lists the podcasts # and the theme as well as an opening question that provokes a heartfelt response to the Bible Study.  We have included additional questions that may or may not be in the podcast but dive deeper into studying God’s word.

Free Bible Study


 How do I lead a Bible  Study with podcasts?

Leading a small group can be intimidating, however, you need not worry. Our podcasts are meant to be a transparent conversation between friends.  There are several ways to teach Bible study lessons.

  • Have everyone listen to the podcasts each week before coming to a group Bible study setting.
  • Review the podcasts before going through the Bible Study printable.
  • Don’t feel like you need to know the answer to everything, just walk through the questions together.
  • Be transparent.  People are looking for God, a God full of compassion and forgiveness.


You do not have to follow these steps, however, we have found that listening to the podcast at home gives a group setting Bible Study more time to connect with each other and that is what we are looking for in a small group Bible study.


Where do I find the podcasts?

You will find a sidebar that carries the latest podcasts.  You can also find the podcasts within its Episode name. We are listing our most popular podcasts below. Click on the link to take you directly to that series.  You can also find us on Apple Podcast / Google Podcast / Spotify

Crazy Ladies of the Bible

 The Ladies of Shame

 Girls got game

Praying the Psalms



Where can I find free Bible Study resources?

We have listed below the Bible Studies that are included with our Podcasts.  We will be updating them with each podcast series.

Girls Got Game Podcast Series

     Want additional resources to add scripture power to your Day?




Check out our free scripture wallpaper and phone screen savers for everyday devotion power.


We hope you find joy in studying God’s word with us as we dive into scripture

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