Belinda’s unplugged podcast- Do you get out of your boat, takes a look at the those that remained in the boat as Peter stepped out to walk towards Christ.   Fear can keep us from a personal relationship with the Father.   What keeps you in your boat?


What Steals Your Joy?

Can we just take a minute to use the boat that the disciples were in as a metophor for our lives.   What steals your joy?  What keeps you stuck in the boat of fear?  How do we move our trembling legs forward towards a relationship with the Lord?

Joy is not found in material things but in the Lord.  

…the joy of the Lord is my Strength.

    Nemiah 8:10 ( NASB)


The Lord is who we can take refuge in and renew our strength.  We don’t have to stay on the boat.  We can boldly get up and walk out as Peter does in Matthew 14.   Belinda speaks to the fact that fear can keep us focused on the noise that swirls around us just like the storm.  But Christ is in the storm and he is calling us to get out of the boat.  To keep our eyes focused on him and not on the storm.  

There are so many times that we just sit in fear and don’t heed the calling for Christ to invite us into something different.  Something that will allow you to see your future self.   

Fear does that…keeps you from seeing what Christ already sees in you.  

Are you ready to step out of the boat?  

Listen to the podcast and see if you are a Peter or you are those that stay in the boat.


We are so excited to look at fear from a scriptural context. 

Fear is something that the enemy wants to convince you to carry on your shoulders.  Don’t allow the deceiver to convince you that you are walking through the storm without Christ. 

All we have to do is call on him ! 

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