Failing Forward Podcast is a thought process that creates a powerful way to take your miss-steps and create powerful momentum.   We all fail.   To step into the mindset of Christ we have to change the way we think.  We have to speak into our future selves.  What does that look like for us?  

Who was Peter in the Bible?

 Peter was called by Jesus to follow him.  He was a fisherman by trade.   You will find, however, In the Gospels,  no one greater at failure than Peter.  His heart for the most part was always in the right place.  Although his love for Christ was so big it made his failures stand out with every move. 

 We all feel that way at times.  We love our Savior so much but we have convinced ourselves that we can not accomplish much without being perfect.  

Why Do I feel like a failure?

We all feel like failures.  The difference between the Peter’s and Judas’s is that Peter learned to fail forward.

We must learn to Fail Forward.   To see our future self.  In spite of the missteps.  Even in the darkest moments when we find ourselves sinking in the storms of life.   In Belinda’s Unplugged Podcast # 155 Do you get out of your boat, she speaks to walking out of fear and into Christ’s arms.  How comforting to know that doubt is a real thing.  Fear is a real thing. Failing is a real thing.  

It is extremely important to note that in  Matthew 16:13-20   Jesus takes Peter’s failures and speaks into his future self.   Jesus, God in the flesh, knew that Peter’s source came from not humans but from God himself.   Jesus call’s him the rock.   Can you only imagine the disciples laughing at the thought that the guy that got out of the boat and almost sank was going to be the foundation for a new kingdom?  

Failing Forward is a mindset that can actually propel you into the future as Christ sees you.  Not as others see us, but as Christ sees our future self.  Take a minute to listen to the Podcast Failing Forward and we have listed some of our questions below.  Belinda walks through some of these questions and we hope you will take time to see your future self. 

Podcast Show notes


Matthew 16:13-20

Zig Ziglar Cooked in the squat

What does my Future Self look like in Christ?

What does Christ want my future self to look like?

Christ saw Peter as a foundation for his kingdom to spread, Where does Christ call you to be in the future of your kingdom?

I am fearful to embrace my future self in Christ because__________?