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# 124 Let’s Get Healthy in 2021

# 124 Let’s Get Healthy in 2021

The topic of healthy eating is not an overly discussed matter in Christian circles. Our lives are often centered around potluck dinners and large tables with slices of pie and cream-filled desserts that we label as heavenly.  

But the truth is God discusses through scripture our diet and how food is to be to God’s glory and not our demise. 

 Listen to my conversation with a great friend Brandy Wegley, a health coach and a pastor’s wife who has walked with me through my journey to become healthy!  

If you want to get more information from my friend Brandy Wegley, please feel free to email us at

#123 Learning to read through the Bible

I sit down with my friend Julie Holland as we talk about how her faith and the service of others are helping her walk through covid issues as an administrator for a school district in Texas.    We also talk about our journey together as we are finishing up a year-long...

# 122 How to handle fear in a chaotic world

# 122 How to handle fear in a chaotic world

How to overcome fear in life  Fear and anxiety are hard to handle especially when we cannot control certain aspects of our lives.  Fear is a normal human emotion that everyone battles at one time or another.  But what happens when the world seems to be topsy-turvy and...

The Witch of Endor

Witches in the Bible, Yep, and this girl well if you think bewitched of the '70s was a little weird wait till you see Come join our podcast as we study the Bible and the Crazy Ladies that were in it from the beginning.  You can catch all of our Bible Studies podcast...

Crazy Lady Eve

So let's get this straight, you don't have to cook, clean or worry about your clothes.  Yet, a talking reptile convinces you that there is something greener on the other side of the garden.  Of course, that makes you crazy!   Come join our podcast as we study the...

Crazy Lot’s Wife

So any girl that lives in a town like Sodom and Gomorrah would be crazy if she didn't want to get out of the town and never look back, right?  But what is even crazier is that there is part of her that just can't help but look back.  Join us at our table with the...


We love this Bible Study Podcast on Crazy Ladies of the Bible.   We all like to think that everyone in the Bible was a miss goodie two shoes, lol but the reality is that it was not. We could not have picked a  more crazy lady ( more like evil) than this chick is the...

The Wise Woman and Jael

What do you get when you have a town that lives in fear.  Who will stand up to the outside forces that threaten your well-being? It is not your city leaders it is a No Name Wise Woman.  Join our Bible Study Podcast on the Wise Woman.  Speaking of crazy ladies this...