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  The Bible and Coffee Podcast


 Belinda Phillips

Speaker/ Podcaster/Teacher

Born in Trenton, Tn. to a minister and Sunday school teacher and granddaughter to an Elder. I have been steeped in church tradition.  It was not until I was in my 40’s that I discovered God’s grace and how he had nailed my sin to the cross and that it had nothing to do with doctrine but with undeserved grace.

With a passion for helping women understand the compassion that God has for each us and that grace flows through us and not to us, I set out to develop a podcast to reach women who might not feel comfortable stepping into a church.   

I love that you are here, grab a chair and I will start a pot of coffee. 


Our Goals and Vision

Our Goals are to seek God’s word with an open honest conversation.  We feel our biggest gift to our sisters in Christ is honesty.  Honesty about our past, honesty about our emotions, and most of all honesty about God’s word within the context of what scriptures say, not what has been bound by humans. 

We are not scholars, far from it, however, we feel that God’s word was meant for everyone to understand, although sometimes it may take more than one cup of coffee. 

You will never be judged at our table.  We want to laugh, cry, and pray with you.  God’s grace was meant for everyone. 


 My dad, a man of true grit and a rancher by trade, began his journey as a Christ-follower when I was 12.  His transformation and influence in our home was replete with joy as my children grew up in the church where he served as an elder for many years.

 That being said, fifteen years ago as I was taking stock of my life, I realized something vital was wrong. I was missing the mark when it came to being truly free in Christ.  Through study and prayer and deeper fellowship with other women, my heart is becoming deeply transformed as I have a deeper understanding of God’s grace and the Holy Spirit that lives within me

It is my passion to serve women who want to be a Christ-follower and not just a church girl. 

Don’t tell Belinda, but I am really a tea drinker.


The Bible and Coffee Podcast

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