A Biblical Mind shift Podcast presents the beginning of new beginnings for us here at the Bible and Coffee Podcast.  If you have followed us on our journey last year will have noticed a huge mind shift in the podcasts.  As we read new books, listening to other voices, and sat at the feet of Maxine Wallace, there became a noticeable change in how we view the Biblical authors and it’s history. 

Understanding Biblical Mind Shift through history.

Understanding Bible history is a daunting task and one that not many people want to tackle.  Bible History becomes important for us from the first scripture in Genesis 1:1.   

Who was the author writing to?  How did they see the world from their ancient worldview?

All these questions are questions that The Bible Project has put together to better help us not only understand the Bible but to better understand how we can worship Yahweh.   

We get so caught up in the application of the scriptures that we miss the worship.

   Tim Mackie co-founder of  The Bible Project


We just love the visual concept that they have produced to help all kinds of learners understand the ancient writers as they wrote to the ancient people.  We will be linking videos that we reference in our podcasts so that you can walk through this amazing biblical mind shift with us.  

What does a Biblical Mind shift look like?

A biblical mind shift looks different for everyone.  It might take someone a couple of times to connect a new concept and shift their mind to that new concept, others may need more time.  Like Amy. 

We are not asking for an echo chamber, but a new beginning of sorts to see the concepts that we all have missed through 21-century eyes. 

Come join us at  TheBibleandcoffeepodcast.com for more of our podcast.  

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