The Parable of the Mustard Seed found in  Matthew 13:31 – 32, Mark 4:30 – 32.  The  Parable of the Leaven is found in Matthew 13:33 and Luke 13:20-21.

Both parables were spoken by Christ to give us further insight into kingdom living. 

What is the meaning of the Parable of the Mustard Seed and the Leaven?

On the podcast, Amy and I discuss the parallels between the two parables.  Jesus finds a way to bring in both the farmer and the cook to better understand just how the kingdom grows.

What better way to step into horticulture than with the words of Christ.  Jesus explains with just two short scriptures how big the kingdom can expand.  

A small seed like the mustard seed can expand up to 15 feet tall.  How incredible is that concept that a little seed can expand into a huge tree?

Just like the mustard seed, yeast has expansion capabilities as well.   Christ wanted to bring us to a place where we all can have hope of spreading the gospel. 

The disciples were 12 nobodies that helped spur on a wildfire called Christianity.  

What does the yeast have to do with God’s kingdom?

 The parable of the yeast is a small story told by Christ after the parable of the mustard seed.   

This parable gives us great insight as to how the kingdom can grow if we just incorporate it all through our lives! 

Christ also uses a woman within her own home to demonstrate how everyone can spread the wonderful news of the Kingdom.

Summary of the Podcast

Matthew 17:20

Luke 17:5-6

Mark 4:30-32

Luke 13:18-19

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