We come to the end of our Dysfunctional Families Series with David and Bathsheba.  Wow, can I say these families just wore us out at times?  The funny truth is we all live in Dysfunctional Families.  Why?  Because we no longer live in the garden.    We find out the last lesson with David and Bathsheba and a whole lot of dysfunction. 

 Dysfunctional Families of the Bible -David and Bathsheba

King David has come to a place of retreat and rest.  It was well deserved as a man who helped bring peace to nations as well as bringing the Ark back to its rightful home.  Yet, he finds himself restless and possibly seeking another adrenalin rush.   Doing nothing wrong, Bathsheba is taking care of a Jewish custom of cleansing herself after her time of the month.  

This is not a story of love between David and Bathsheba, but a story of a man who gave way to lustful thoughts.  Without confessing right then he gave into thoughts that gave way to actions that God hated.   Even worse David’s actions created a child and worse yet the husband of Bathsheba, Uriah,  has more character than David. 

Uriah the Hittite

Uriah, a clueless husband, in the sense that he was loyal to the King and his men that served under him, probably had no idea that King David had taken his wife.  Much less that she was pregnant with King David’s child.  Uriah was just a man of character and yet David has Uriah killed on the battlefield.   Uriah was an innocent man that died fighting for a king that had taken his wife and got her pregnant.  

King David not only acted on his thoughts of lust but in an effort to cover up his sin he kills Uriah the Hittite.


Press play and listen to the last episodes on Dysfunctional Families of the Bible- David and Bathsheba.  We find comfort in the fact that King David had a contrite heart and was remorseful.  God forgave David and created a union that was blessed by God between David and Bathsheba with the birth of Solomon.

Additional Bible References

2 Samuel 11

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