Until death do us part… Dysfunctional Families of the Bible David and Abigail

That just may have been the words of Abigail as she watched the last of her drunk and idiot husband breathe his last breath.  Little did she know that soon after that she would become part of a king’s dynasty and part of a man that loved God, but with a lot of dysfunction. This podcast centers on the dysfunctional marriage of Abigail and Nabal and then becoming the wife of a  King.  (One of many wives) 

Abigail and Nabal

If you had to pick a bad marriage this is the one!   Abigail married the drunk fool Nabal.  Nabal had no respect for the Lord or for David.  Nabal shuns David’s help giving cover to his vast herd of animals, leaving David and his band of warriors without so much of a morsel to fill their bellies. 

What could turn out to be a war where David leaves no one to live, in swoops Abigail with tons of food.  Enough to feed an army!  As well as the respect for who David was and the God he served.  

Submitting herself to David and being a great PR woman, Abigail is able to soothe David’s temper and save her household. 

God puts an end to Abigail’s dysfunctional family by sending Nabal to an early grave.

David and Abigail

If you are into big marriage proposals, this is probably not the story for you.  There was no dropping down off the camel and bending on one knee, professing his undying love for Abigail. 

Abigail just plain and simply becomes the wife of  David and he brings her into a merry band of warriors on the run.  When he becomes king, however, he then requests for his first wife Michal to be brought to him.  Talk about a dysfunctional family.  It’s bad enough when your hubby travels so much, but when you get home there is the ex-wife. 

Brings you right back into the pit of dysfunction, doesn’t it?


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The story of David and Abigail can be found in the following Scriptures:1Samuel 25