The Story of Abraham in the Bible 

As we study the story of  Father Abraham we realize that the Bible does not hold back the personal issues that plagued Abraham and his wife Sarah.   Amy and I go through the Bible story of Abraham, starting in  Genesis 11:27. We recommend that you take some time to read the story of Abraham in the Bible starting in Genesis 12 so that you can better understand our discussion on the faith that Abraham had and his trust in God’s promise. 

You will also come to realize that Father Abraham had a lying problem.  Yikes! Talk about dysfunction.  We all can agree that none of us are perfect and yet God can still use us for his glory,  time, and time again.

Abrahams Family Tree

You might start to find it confusing to follow just by our podcast.  We actually started out with 5 episodes, however,  there was so much meat in these divine words from the Bible that we actually extended this series.   So this week we will just be talking about Abram and where he was supposed to go according to God.  

However, we are including in this week’s lesson Abrahams Family tree. We also thought you might find it fitting to go back and listen to the podcast below about Abraham’s nephew Lot. We talk about him for about a bit in the podcast. 

 Follow the links below and print it Abraham’s family tree or save it for your convenience. 


Summary of Abrahams Story

 The truth is his story goes on long after his death and is referenced many times in the Bible.  We reference a few of these as well in our podcast.  Check out those Bible references below. 

Abraham is a man that messes up, after all, he is human.    Our hope at the Bible and Coffee Podcasts is for everyone to be able to live out God’s Grace one Bible story at a time.