How to overcome fear in life

 Fear and anxiety are hard to handle especially when we cannot control certain aspects of our lives.  Fear is a normal human emotion that everyone battles at one time or another.  But what happens when the world seems to be topsy-turvy and chaotic.

How to remove fear from my heart and my mind.  

How do we calm our nerves and rest in the peace that surpasses all understanding?  In this podcast,   I get the opportunity to sit down with my friend Jerryd Wallace, a licensed counselor, and open up about my fears and how to handle those fears in our lives. 

Exercises to overcome fear.

Jerryd gives us some great examples to help remove fear from our lives.  I have put them in a pdf form that you can print out and use weekly or daily.   You can download our self-analysis to help walk through your fear and anxiety. 

free pdf handling fear through scripture

                                You can catch the podcast below as we walk through fear and anxiety together. 

 As always keep the coffee hot and the conversation flowing.